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Gabby Taylor, LLMSW, Purpose Coach and Online Influencer

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Consultations & Purpose Discovery Coaching

I'm Gabby, Owner of Mind Your Society, and I offer one hour consultations to answer your burning career-related questions, and an 8 week career coaching program with the goal of helping other change makers to discover their purpose, and live a full-filling life with societal good in mind. I am also a Social Worker and Certified Coach, trained in the areas of Positive Psychology and Solution-based Coaching. 

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Are you at a point in your life where you are ready to start living your purpose and doing the work that will fire up your soul? We all have unique experiences, skills and gifts; leveraging those to find your ideal career path can be a challenge. I want to support you with doing that!


I have worked with many professionals from all backgrounds to help them create a clear path forward in their career, allowing them to make positive impact in the communities they love.  I'd love to connect with you and help you on your journey to purpose! Please visit my coaching page and fill out the interest form at the bottom of the page to get started!

About Coach Gabby

My Purpose Journey 

I am a Macro Social Work professional who is passionate about positively contributing to the society and helping other change makers to discover their purpose as well.


I started a Youtube channel 7 years ago as a way to document my journey of being in my Masters of Social Work (MSW) program, and launching my career in International teaching. After 2 years of teaching English in South Korea, I moved back to the United States and fully integrated into the field of Macro Social Work, and I currently have an impactful job in this arena, doing corporate social responsibility and Foundation work at a huge American company.


I am still active on Youtube today, where I enjoy providing motivation, career + professional development advice! My goal has always been to help other change makers to find their path. Many fellow millennials reach out to me and tell me that they are very passionate about bettering society, but they don't know where to start and what their career options may be.


On route to figuring this out for myself, I have earned my Bachelors in Psychology, my Masters in Social Work and worked for several fulfilling and varied jobs across the globe. Roles I have had include community organizing, program development and management, community development, volunteer engagement, teaching and training. In order to land these roles, I had to get clear on my personal mission, learn how to brand myself to attract ideal employers, understand what skills I needed to develop, set goals and take necessary action to reach them. I believe everyone who enters the social impact space has a unique calling, and I have a track record of helping people to further discover what that is!


It all starts with learning more about your options, setting a clearly defined plan, and having accountability and support from someone who has been on this path of searching high and low for their own purpose before. I want to be that support for you! Do you have dreams of positively changing the world (and yourself!) but don't know where to start? If so, please check out my coaching programs.


I have several years of experience as a career coach for both youth and adults. I am also a graduate of the Universal Coach Institute (ICF Certified), where I studied with some of most skilled coaches from all around the world to further develop my own coaching talents. I am certified in Positive Psychology coaching, Solution-based coaching and transformational coaching. All that being said, I am trained and naturally gifted in helping change-makers like YOU to move closer to your purpose!


Also, during my MSW program, I learned the fundamentals of helping people with creating transformative behavioral changes, using a strengths based approach. I am looking forward to leveraging my experience, passion and skillset to help you move closer to the path that is best meant for you; whether that's through my coaching services or Youtube channel.

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Testimonials From Coaching Clients

Gabby is the career coach I had been hoping to connect with for a long time. I am a macro social work graduate student and was unsure which path forward was right for me in terms of education and career goals. The 1-on-1  career coaching sessions with Gabby have improved my clarity and focus in both regards. Gabby is highly knowledgeable about the various careers in the field of macro social work and took the time to educate me on them and send me informative resources. She patiently discussed my questions and concerns and made herself available by email in between coaching sessions. I am very thankful for the guidance she has provided, and feel better prepared to advance in my graduate education and career.

Anais. L

Gabby has been an excellent coach and resource for me. I recently had a 1:1 session with her and found it to be extremely productive and professional. She was prepared to answer all of my questions and helped me come up with a plan for the next steps in my career. I would highly recommend anyone seeking information or guidance in the field of social work to connect with Gabby!

Sheibani. P

It was a pleasure working with Gabby. From start to finish, she was professional and resourceful. It was amazing having someone to help me gain clarity on the next steps in my career, as well as someone to affirm the successes I have already achieved. I strongly recommend this service to those in the field who are interesting in learning more about the social impact sector. 

N. C. Edwards 

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Gabby has the unique ability to instantly connect, listen carefully, and focus on the tiniest detail and shed light on areas where I felt lost. Gabby helped to brainstorm ideas and focus on the best fit for my next level in life. I was reacquainted with pieces of myself I had swept aside or was hidden.  These discoveries and the awareness of them has already brought much-added value to my life.  I feel courageous and more confident in my ability to follow through on my intentions.

Tasha. C

I have had the pleasure of working with Gabby. She has been excellent to work with and I highly recommend her. I was struggling to figure out a career path and she patiently took the time to help answer any questions I had about the field of Macro social work. She helped me to go over different career options to figure out what type of career may be the best fit. Gabby went above and beyond. She took the time to send me a bunch of different resources in order to help me gain knowledge of the field of social work and the jobs that I could acquire. She answered all of the questions I had thoroughly, and also asked me questions that would help me think about what it is I am looking for in a career. She is very organized, and It is clear to me that she really cares about the people she is coaching and wants to help them to succeed. She has helped me tremendously on my journey.

Rebecca. I

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Last year, I was preparing applications for 3 Master of Public Administration programs at nearby institutions. Each program required different components and multiple essays, which caused me a lot of anxiety. Once I completed an initial essay draft, Gabby was the first person I asked to provide me with feedback. I used to work with Gabby, so I knew that she could provide the support and encouragement that I needed to optimize my graduate school admission’s essay. Not only did Gabby enable me to have a stronger essay, but she also empowered me to feel more confident about the entire process. Now, I am a Master of Public Administration candidate at Wayne State University.  Thank you Gabby for being part of my professional development story!

Angela. W