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Ready to Learn How You Can Break Into The Macro Social Work Field?

Join my course titled: 'How To Enter The Field of Macro Social Work' Today 

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Course Description:

Learn step-by-step how to get from your current career position to having the insight, tools and strategy needed to land a macro social work role that aligns with your passions, skillset and unique social work niche! 

Have you been given tidbits of information about macro social work in your BSW or MSW program, but still don’t know exactly what it is or how you can build a successful career in it? 

Social Work programs tend to focus very heavily on the direct practice and therapeutic side of the field, but provide you with almost no information on macro social work, even though it has the opportunity to provide you with more leadership, higher pay and the chance to positively impact more lives! When it comes to bettering the lives of disadvantaged communities, macro social workers are in the position to make larger, and more systemic changes. 

Attention: Burnt out social worker

Don’t think you have to leave the field altogether! There is more out there than direct practice. 

You love helping the population you serve, but working directly with clients is leaving you feeling burnt out, over worked, under-paid and vicariously traumatized.


Do you feel like you are just putting a bandaid on the systemic challenges your clients are facing, but not able to actually fix the root problems? Believe me when I say I have been there, and these feelings are exactly why I moved on to macro social work!

If any of this resonates with you, let’s imagine something different

  • Instead, you have a well paid role where you are working alongside community leaders and government officials to create large, transformative programs that can help entire communities; not just one person.

  • You have more flexibility in your work schedule because your days don’t consist of back-to-back meetings with clients and juggling large caseloads. 

  • You have better work-life balance and can spend more time with your kids, family and friends, because you don’t have to take the trauma of your clients home with you.

Direct practice is a very necessary aspect of Social Work, and we need this side of the field! But it isn’t for everyone. And what happens after you have served your time doing direct practice, feel proud of all that you have done, but are getting an inkling that your time in direct is up? You don’t have to leave the field entirely!

Even if you did not focus on macro social work in school, you can still pivot and break into the sector. But you have to know the right strategies. You have to know what macro options are out there, what macro roles would best align with your strengths and how to actually find these jobs. As you've probably already discovered, finding these macro roles are more complicated than just putting "social work" in a job search engine. That’s where my course comes in! 


Moving to more macro level social work will allow you to still make a positive impact on the lives of others, advocate for social justice and equity; but through programs, grant making, administration and community initiatives instead. 

Introducing: How To Enter The Field Of Macro Social Work

This course is an easy to understand, step-by-step guide to breaking into macro social work. I give you information that your college professors didn’t! 

Once you complete this course, you will be clear on: 

  • What this mysterious macro social work ‘thing’ is in the first place.

  • Different training pathways you can take to start your macro career. 

  • What your unique macro social work purpose and niche is.

  • How to excel during the job application process and secure a job offer in macro.

  • How to get the salary you deserve for your impactful and important contributions to society. 


Here’s what you get:

  • The Macro Social Work Course 
    A self-paced, easy to navigate online course with 10 knowledge-packed lessons, including 15 videos.

  • Macro Social Work Resource Guide
    I’m giving you access to a digital folder with over 16 templates and resources that you can use to negotiate your salary, prepare for interviews, hone in on your macro niche, develop SMART career goals and much more! 

  • Resume and Cover-letter Template

         You no longer have to worry about if your current resume is what recruiters           are looking for. I’m just going to give you a template that you can plug your             own information right into. I’m also going to let you have my ‘straight to the             point’ cover-letter strategy, so you no longer have to flounder at the last                   minute to throw this document together before submitting an application. 


There is currently no other course like this that exists! When you consider the rarity and robustness of all the information in this course, it equals to a value of over $350. But for a limited time, I am selling the course for only $70, because I want it to be accessible to students and professionals at all career levels. 

How to know if the course is for YOU

  • You are at the beginning of your career journey, and curious about if macro social work is for you. 

  • You are already in the social work field, but craving a change and feeling that macro social work makes sense for next steps.

  • You are already in the social work field, but curious about the full depth of what your social work degree has to offer.

  • You are in another field entirely, and looking to make a transition into social work and want to learn about your full options in the field.


The macro social work sector will continue to grow as conversations about social justice, equity and advocacy expand within the mainstream!

There are many rewarding and exciting macro level social impact jobs out there for us, but they will continue being snagged by those in other professions (Public Health, Public Relations, Human Resources, etc) because most social workers don’t even know they exist

If you are ready to learn how you can take advantage of these fulfilling roles, I can’t wait to tell you more! 


Meet your instructor: 

Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 10.02.28

I’m Gabby and I’m a seasoned Macro Social Work professional, Youtube Content Creator (over 700,000 views) and certified Career Coach.  

I earned my Bachelors in Psychology in 2011, and my Masters in Social Work in 2014, and have worked in several fulfilling macro social work roles, including community organizing, program development and management, community development, volunteer engagement, and public health training.


In order to land these roles, I had to get clear on my personal mission, learn how to brand myself to attract ideal employers, understand what skills I needed to develop, set goals and take necessary action to reach them.


For my course, I've compiled and packaged all of this expertise and extensive research to pass on to you, so you can do the same!

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Student Reviews 

Samantha Menard

I pursued the clinical track in my MSW program but I found myself more drawn to macro work after I graduated. As a recent graduate, this program was very helpful for me to narrow in my interests and roles to apply for in the macro field! I recommend this course, especially for recent graduates looking to enter the macro field.

Dom from @Citizenactionst

Absolutely loving Mind Your Society's  Macro Social Work course. 10/10 recommend!

Vi from @CriticalHealingMoment 

I am definitely going to incorporate what I learn about macro social work and myself through the many hands-on activities in the course on my transfer statement to get into an MSW program. 

Watch Intro video to learn more about the course! 
How to Enter Into The Field of Macro Social Work: Course Introduction

How to Enter Into The Field of Macro Social Work: Course Introduction

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