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A Journey To Purpose

2020 was a transformative year for all of us. With more time on our hands, many of us did a lot of reflecting and decided to become more intentional about doing work that better aligns with our purpose. Now, your question may be "what's next"? First, I want to say that your search for purpose is brave and I applaud you for it. So many of us never take that journey to live more purposefully because it takes focus, intention and hard work. It's easier to just go with the flow.


I believe that we all have unique gifts and experiences that we can leverage to build a meaningful career AND make the world a better place. I have worked with many professionals from a variety of backgrounds, ages and experiences with the common desire to leave a unique print on the world and improve the communities they are a part of. Some of my clients are new to their careers, while others are seasoned professionals looking to make a pivot. 

If you are ready to start building a career that is more purposeful, but are confused about which path is best, I want to help you get through the confusion so you can identify your next steps. I want to help you break down your doubts, imposter syndrome and false-beliefs so you can lead with your talents and confidently navigate the workforce. I offer a virtual, two month coaching program where I will partner with you and be your biggest career advocate. We will meet weekly for 8 weeks, at 50 minutes per session. 


As your coach, I will be there to guide you, provide you with resources and tools, and ask you the important questions to help you discover your unique skillset and leverage them to create your next career path. When we are plagued with confusion and doubt, we often unknowingly allow those around us to heavily influence our decision making. A big part of my coaching involves sharing strategies to cultivate a deeper relationship with self, so you can connect with parts of yourself that you may have forgotten about; this is essential because YOU are the designer of your own life. Not your parents, your professors, your social media friends, your partner or your besties. They have their own journey, and you have yours.

Although the outcome of my coaching is for you to create a career of purpose that is uniquely for YOU, in order to get there, I also want to help you explore other areas of your life that may shed some light on your ideal career. And I believe in a holistic form of career coaching and view the career as an important vehicle for cultivating purpose, but not the entire picture. To have a truly purposeful life, there needs to be care taken to develop meaning both personally and professionally. This is why I career coach with the 8 pillars of holistic wellness in mind.


I am a trained and certified career coach with over eight years of experience as a Social Worker. After much searching, I have also developed a career that I can honestly say feels perfectly aligned with my true self! I truly believe it is an art and a practice. I couldn't have done it without others in my corner who challenged and coached me along the way. I'd love to be that support system for you. 


  • A safe space for you to speak freely and explore your fears, road blocks and career worries

  • Solution-focused coaching that will encourage you, challenge you, build your inner-confidence  and help you grow personally and professionally  

  • Designated time where we focus solely on how to design YOUR ideal life

  • Tools, resources and hacks to help you hone in on your purpose

  • A career development plan and clear steps forward

  • Help with creating a career mission statement that will assist you in clearly communicating your skills and passion to future employers and business partners


Once you discover your purpose and can clearly and passionately relay it to others, the job search and interview process gets much easier. Often we don't get the job because we aren't totally sold on it anyhow. And in return, the employers or potential business partners aren't sold on us! Once the deep work is done, I can also help you with the more concrete next steps to land the role that is best for you!

  • I will review your resume, coverletter and application materials and give plenty of tips and guidance to help you make it stronger and more effective

  • I'll review and help you fully optimize your Linkedin page so it will be viewed by the people that matter 

  • We will create an un-scary networking plan so you can build authentic relationships that will lead to more career opportunities doing the work that matters to you 

  • Have an upcoming interview? Let's spend some time preparing you for that. I can fill you in on the questions you are most likely to get and how you can build interview confidence 

Before we get started, I want to give you a chance to meet with me so we can make sure I am the best coach for you. Let's Chat! Once you fill out the intake form below, I will set up a free 30 minute introduction call with you. I genuinely love connecting with others and helping them on their purpose finding journey, and am excited to hear from you.


The cost to have weekly transformational coaching sessions with me for a two month period, regular access via email and resources/tools + individualized guidance is a total payment of $1,500. You can also pay in 2 month installments at $800 per month. If you are truly ready, this is an investment that will drastically change your life and help you to start doing the work that you are meant to be doing. 

What I Can Provide

And The Tangibles As Well...


"My coaching sessions with Gabby were exactly what I needed to give myself a jump start. She was professional and down to earth. She helped me build my confidence, learn more about myself as a professional and  provided me with tips and resources I would have had a hard time finding or figuring out on my own. And most of all she helped me realized I was more ready to transition into a Macro Social Work position than I thought. She's a great person to have in your corner. Thanks for everything Gabby!" 

Jo'Charta R.

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Some of you know me from Youtube and just want a 1-1 session to pick my brain about how to get into social work, macro social work, social responsibility or any topics I discuss in my videos. I also have straight-to-the-point consultation sessions to get those questions answered for you! To learn about my consultations, Click 





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